La Conexión

La Conexión: Music production and DJing in Cuba

Hudební studio v Santiago de Cuba

La Conexión is an original musical production project I initiated in Cuba as a producer under my artistic name: Dj Pedro Rodriguez (Prague, Czech Republic) in 2008. This is a music and video production but especially Cuban Czech and Slovak artists.

  • Ways of interpreting the music, selection of the artists
  • Selection of other musicians needed for your project
  • Supervision of the implementation of the recordings
  • Selecting a sound engineer
  • Cooperation with other producers, such as Kiki Pro, Madskill, Dj Enemy, DJ Luky, Zapata el Fido, DJ Rey, etc.
  • Assistance with the creation of albums and singles

We provide mixing, musical arrangement, mastering and composition itself.

Examples of our projects:

  • La Conexion - 2009 - CD released in collaboration with Faust Records (Sentimiento Raper, TNT Resistance)
  • Sin Limite - CD released in cooperation with Mafiarecords (Čistychov, Kiki Pro)
  • Mundo Electronico Miss Evelyn - 2013 - in collaboration with the Urban Latin Records
  • VILS - Verano Latino - 2013 - in collaboration with the Urban Latin Records
  • Kiki Pro - recordings in Faust records

I am the official representative of the Urban Latin Records in Cuba.

We also work with LIA Videos, Manicomio Records (Santiago de Cuba) and we can arrange everything from preparing songs in the studio, the production, post-production including recording the video.


Complete video processing (recording, editing, post-production):

  • Music clips
  • Company promo video (reports, video clips from corporate parties)
  • Wedding video / Weddings
  • Video invitations
  • Documentary / coverage
  • "Making of" videos

You can see our videos at:


  • Promo photo shoot (press photo)
  • Product photography
  • Social / photo report
  • Cover art (booklets, posters, ...)
  • Interiors, Architecture
  • Penthouse photoshoot

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