La Conexión

Guide to Cuba: Czech, English, Spanish

Hello, my name is Peter Kulíšek and live permanently in Cuba. I will be your guide in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and throughout Cuba.

Guide in Cuba I speak English, Czech and Spanish. You can hire me for just a standard half-day tour of Havana or a day trip to the countryside, but I can also tailor a special tour to meet your request. Trips to Cuba from most travel agents commonly contain Havana tour or an optional trip to Trinidad, Viñales and other famous destinations. I can do these too, but I can also take you to places the travel agencies have no idea of! Many of them are not even mentioned in Cuban guidebooks.

Based on my experience I can introduce you to the daily life in Cuba, and show you life of a typical Cuban family, how the famous Cuban rum and cigars are made, or I'll take you for a ride on a horseback to the beautiful Cuban countryside.

The scope of my services:

  • tourist guide for individuals and groups of people
  • accommodation and personal transport across Cuba
  • tailor-made tours in Cuba based on your request
  • professional training (boxing, MMA, kickboxing,muy thai)
  • courses of salsa, bachata, reggaeton from professional tutors
  • diving
  • nightlife in Cuba
  • interpretation and translation into Spanish

Contact me with your request and I will get back to your with a quotation.

Accommodation in Havana:

Private apartment style accommodation in Cuba, Casa Bella Vista El Mirador.